Welcome to Metin2Insanity

Welcome to Metin2 Insanity

This is a New School server. The maximum level is: 150.
It runs 4 channels and has quests, database, and client in fluent English.
We welcome all nationalities, no descrimination exists here, but English only in shout!
The legends of All Metin2 Servers should feel at home here.

All donations received are used towards server and website hosting fees, we greatly appreciate support from players who choose to donate. As needed, the server will be upgraded to ensure performance.

We only need money to keep the server running at it's best.
Donating is completing optional, players have the choice to play for free and still become strong.

*We have this server for criticism and comments from players, and the educational purpose is to improve our knowledge of Python, lua, BSD, (and other unix environments), PHP, SQL, javascript, and HTML.

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